Academic  of   Fine  Art  of   USA   TaT    Tank-A

Member of:

International   Academy   of   Sciences,   Education,  Industry  &   ARTS.

At   Silicon  Valley  in the State of  California  of  USA.

National Union of Professional  Fine Artist's of  Russia.  Moscow.

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center.  USA. New York.


Art Designer of  Esoteric Magazine  “Mislь”.  New York.


Tank-A classically trained, in  Fine Art and Sculpture since childhood in Art  School for gifted children  in  Moscow  and  the Moscow  Fine  Art Institute. She was labeled as "dissident" on numerous occasions during the Soviet period. 



1981. “Vatican Museum”, Rome, Italy.

1980. “State Historical Museum”, Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow.

1982. “Museum  of Russian Orthodox Patriarchate”  Moscow, Russia.

1990. “Zimerly Museum of Nonconformist Art”, New Jersey, USA.

1997 “The Cloisters  of Ancient  Spanish  Monastery St, Bernard”, Miami, USA.

1996.”Tampa Fine Erotic  ART museum”. Tampa. Florida. USA.

1999.  “Miami Beach  Erotic  ART museum”. Miami.  Florida. USA.

2007. “Museum of Western and Easter Fine Art”   Odessa, Ukraine.

2008. “Museum of  Contemporary Russian Art” Jersey City. NJ. USA.         

Most   important     Collectors: 


1990. Dr. Norton T. Dodge,

President of the Cremona Foundation and donor of the Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union to the Zimmerli   Art Museum at Rutgers, the State University of   New Jersey. USA.  

K.K. Kuzminsky.    Fine Art  Collector.  USA. 1985

1990. Archbishop Athinagoras". Greek  Orthodox  Missions.New York. USA.

2004—S. Bulgakov.  Fine Art  Collector, Russia  Moscow.

2005.  S. Adinian. Fine Art critic.   Art  Collector, Russia  Moscow. 

1996   I. Zlotin. Fine Art  Collector.  USA.

And  many Private Collectors around  Europe, America and Canada.

Each Artwork of  Tank-A is hand-carved and wholly original.   

Copyrighted with  the Library of  Congress, Washington. D.C.


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