In Your Dreams, Reveries,  Fantasies  and  Impossible Wishes”.

                      Oil  paintings.           New York City. USA.

2009Apr.. “Pen and Brush” Tank-A had won a privilege to participate in the Collective    Exhibition.       

“Art into Life/Life into Art”. 

                  Oil  paintings.         New York City. USA.

2009.Feb.  “Museum of  Contemporary Russian Art”.  “Poetry in Art”

        Oil  paintings. Jersey City. NJ. USA.     

2009.Jan. Williamsburg Art & Historical Center”. Annual Collective  Exhibition.                      

New York. USA.      Oil  paintings.

2008.”Gene  Shapiro”. Contemporary  Russian  Art  Auction.  NY,  USA.               

2008.“Bonham”.  Contemporary  Russian  Art  Auction.  London, U K.

                /Oil Paintings/.

2008. “Salmagundi Club”. American Artists  Professional League.

          Tank-A had won a privilege to participate in the Collective  Exhibition.             


           /Silver Sculpture/                         

   2008. Award Winner. Smithtown Township Arts Council Gallery.

            Tank-A had won a privilege to participate in the Collective  Exhibition. 

            “An Exhibition Celebrating Women’s  History Month”. L.I.  NY.

            /Oil Painting/.           


2008.  “Museum of  Contemporary Russian Art” Jersey City. NJ. USA.            

          Collective  Exhibition.    /Oil Paintings/.                 

2008. Williamsburg Art & Historical Center”. Collective  Exhibition.  New York. USA

2007. SOLO SHOW. Art Center. Glen Cove Long Island, NY,  USA.

       /Oil Paintings/. 

2007. Art Center at the Russian Embassy.  Washington DC, USA

“Art of Inspiration” Collective  Exhibition. 

2007. MacDougall’Contemporary  Russian  Art  Auction.  London, UK.

           Silver Sculpture.

2006.   St Petersburg. Russia.

            “International Center of Art”.  Fine ART Gallery.  /Oil Paintings/.

2006.    New York City.  USA.
”Grant” Fine Art Gallery,  Manhattan.     /  Oil Paintings /

2005.       New York City.  USA.   

”Grant” Fine Art  Gallery. SoHo, . /Precious Metal Sculpture/

2005.     New York City.  USA.

The Leslie- Lohman Gay  Art  Foundation. /Sculpture /

2003—2005.   Academy of Art . Moscow. Russia.
Silver Wearable Sculpture.                                                         

2004.  New  York.  USA.    

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Surrealistic Art. Show./ Oil Painting/                                 

2004- Paris, France.

Art-Et-Actualite, Art Gallery,      Silver Wearable Objects

2004.   Solo Exhibition.    Moscow. Russia.
International Federation of Artist.   Solo Show.   Oil Paintings.

2004.  .  Solo Exhibition. Moscow. Russia
”Kentavr” art gallery... Solo Show. “Women of New York City”.
/oil paintings/

2003. International ART-EXPO.   Jacob Jarvis Center.   New York City.  USA.  

  /oil paintings   and  Silver Wearable Sculpture./

1999--2003.    Tribeca.   New York.    USA.  "ART Yama ". Oil Paintings      

1998.  Armory Art Center. Palm Beach. Florida.  USA.    
" Wearable ART--- 98" National Wide Fashion Show

1995.     Solo Exhibition.

"Ludmila" Art Gallery, Miami. FLorida.   USA.    
" A Thousand Artist in ONE Name--Tank-A". Solo Show.

1993. Solo Exhibition.

Atmospheres", Gallery. Miami Beach FL.  USA.    
Oil Paintings. Solo Show

1989. International ART-EXPO.  Jacob Jarvis Center. New York.  USA.    
Oil Paintings.

1988.  Solo Exhibition.

Chelsea, New York.   USA.    
”Individuals ART" Gallery,
Oil Paintings

1987. American Institute for Creative Living. New York.  USA.    
Chagal and Others. /Oil Paintings/,

1986. Solo Exhibition.

ART and Poetry K.K.Kyzminsky Gallery.  New York.  USA.    
Retrospective Solo Show.

1984.  Solo Exhibition.

  ”Tatiana ART"  Fine Art Gallery. Alberta. Canada.
Solo Show. Enamel, Silver Objects.

1982.  Enamel Gallery" New York.   NY.  USA.    
Into World of Enamels. Enamel, Silver Objects.

1980-1975. participated in many underground shows  and  scandalous exhibitions at the in famous Nonconformist  Gallery on Maloi  Gruzinskoy  street in Moscow. 


Academic of   Fine  Art  of   USA   TaT    Tank-A

                           List  of   Exhibitions:

2011.Junuary. Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. Annual Collective  Exhibition.  New  York.   

                       Wooden  Sculpture.           

  2010.September. “Museum of  Russian Art”.  Jersey City. NJ. USA.     

                     Collective  Exhibition.  Sculpture.

  2010.March.    “Butterfly”  Fine Art Center. Red Bank, NJ. USA.     

                       Precious Metal Sculpture, Kinetic Monumental Sculpture,  Paintings.

2010.Junuary. Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. New  York.  USA.

                      Collective  Exhibition.   Oil  paintings.

2009.Sept.  “Museum of  Contemporary Russian Art”.

                Collective  Exhibition.    Oil  paintings. Jersey City. NJ. USA.     

2009.May. SOLO Retrospective Exhibition”. “Museum of  Contemporary Russian  Art”.          Oil  paintings. Jersey City. NJ. USA.

  2009.Mar. “Pen and Brush”. Tank-A had won a privilege to participate in the Exhibition


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