Art Crtitics

“Tank-A is one of the Finest Artist I have ever known and she bears the right  measure of craziness to be Genius”

     All her life she lives between Cities, between Sky and Earth, Free like a Bird, she feeds like a bird with what God sends her.

      Like a bird without a nest, she is without a companion.

Her only slavery is Work. She works like a Beast.

      Like a Beast she is Free and Uncontrollable.

She is Incorruptible, you cannot corrupt a Beast: neither sweets, nor  whips would do.

      She is not a member of any Union, Group  or  State, beyond Galleries, Schools

or Movements”.

      Art Collector, Poet and Writer  Konstantin  Kuzminsy. New York.

"Tank-A - одна из лучших художников, которых я когда-либо


и она безумна настолько, насколько это нужно, чтобы быть гением", - так

отзывается о Tank-A  русско-американский поэт, публицист и

известный коллекционер изобразительного искусства Константин Кузьминский.

“It is difficult  to grasp the full span  span and  Significance  of 

Tank-A’s  Creativity. Her Art Leaves on Impression of  Strength,

Mysticism, Contradiction  and Depth. Her Themes are Wide and 

Are not yet Fully Opened, Just as the search of her Talented  Soul that

Has not forgotten how to travel into the  Unknown”

Art Critic, Honorary member of Profession  Association of  Russian  Writers 

                                                                          Stanislav  Aidinian.  Moscow.

Three Names of  Artist:

Tank-A—is Japan, East, Poetry.

Tatiana—is  Russia, Russian Orthodox,  Spacious.

Wizard----is  Wrath of  the Nature,  Paganism, the Will.


                  L.Zonshine. New York.

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