Self-portrait as Teenager

Vladislav Dvorzhetsky.

Early Paintings

Prison Matron

Portrait with Licksy

Androgen Entity of Moon_ Race

Prehistoric Birds-Fishes

Tank-A_ Babylon Woman_1972

Francisc of Assisi

Dante_ Forest of Suicides_1975

Portrait of Natalie Abalakova

Floating Heads. Young Hieronymus Bosh

Igves - Underground Creatures

LILITH with Adam's Head

Portrait of art collector Nika Schernakova

Self-Portrait  with Begy & Lickcy

Salome and Joan the Harbinger

Last Kiss

Cross of Russia

Dance of Solom

First Night

Passage to Village of Kabluchki

Tank-A_Village of Kabluchki. Liksy_1974

Portrait of Poet G.  Aigy

Tank-A_Portrait of  Hieronymus Bosh_1971

Portrait of Artist Anatoly Zverev

Portrait of  sculptor G. Alaverdov.depicted from Live

Portrait of  Friend of Averbah family. depicted from Live

Tank-A_In the Remembrance of Ours  Ancient

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