Out of  Body Journeys  Paintings

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Tank-A_Night_  Nymphs  Lake_1987

Tank-A_Reincarnation of Old Spirits_2007

Tank-A_Golden Leaches_1988

“Promenade with Destiny” 1998

“Extraterrestrial  Beauty” 1994

Path to Shambala 1999

Seeing     Myself-   Vouching the  Dream” 1999

Flood  in New York” 1999

Flood  in New York  Sketch pastel.1995

Under  Water Blue Birds”  1999. NY

Lost  Soul  Cliff 1987. NY

Aquatic Creature 1998 . NY

Coming  from   Abyss”   NY.  1998

Icy Lake

Adam and Eve. Globe_C

Forest Nymphs”  1999. NY